Offering consultations for 2020/2021 season. Very limited availability

Emergency Consulting:

Best value in the region.  A straightforward and honest consultation will let you know exactly what to expect.

Large-Scale Networking:

Expert deployment of ethernet, fiber, wireless mesh, and long distance point-to-point wireless backhaul. Experience in deploying large-scale wired and/or wireless networking for business or event purposes.  Can accommodate any difficult site plan or signal-interfering architecture.

Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing:

All-in-one vendor for fiber optic termination in difficult locations and all environments, plus subsequent hardware hookup and software integration.

Database-Driven Apps:

Upgrade your traditional database with a GUI that’s fully customizable for every step of the production line.  Solutions for tablet/laptop/PC/iPad

PCI Compliance & Data Security:

Get your business compliant and keep your customers’ data safe from bad actors.

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